Lava Rails is an exciting new project currently under development. Stay tuned!

Here are some of my other projects:


My master’s thesis focused on creating and cramming in one of the first open world 3D engines to run on a microcontroller (The Raspberry Pi RP2040). The source code can be found here: https://github.com/bernhardstrobl/Pico3D while the thesis itself can be downloaded here: https://lavarails.com/download/open_world_3D_microcontroller.pdf

Steaming Penguins

Steaming Penguins Screenshot

In 2022 I released a strategy game called Steaming Penguins on the iOS App Store. In it, players could build a tower which slowly sank when damaged by enemies. The ultimate goal was to evacuate the towers inhabitants while tending to their needs in the mean time. It featured a custom C based isometric 2D engine, with pre-rendered graphics produced in Daz3D’s Carrara and music in Apple’s GarageBand.

Update for 2024: A Windows port is available here: https://bstrobl.itch.io/steaming-penguins